Saturday, June 27, 2009

Exciting Day = Long Post

It was long but good! A conversation from this afternoon...
Steph: Describe today in one word.
Megan: Awesome.
Steph: Excellent.
Sam: Restful.
Sarah: SMOOTH!
Steph: You know you've had a rough week when you call the day that you get a flat tire smooth and find a guy stranded along the road.
It's true! Despite it's challenges, today went so smoothly compared to previous days. We started the day heading downtown to feed the homeless. We've never had this project go as well as as quickly as it did today. I loved watching them pray for the people they met and share with them how much the matter to God. Everyone has incredible stories to tell about the day. I wish I could share them all but I will share this one.

I spend the second half of the project with Stephanie's and Seth's groups. After we stopped for lunch, we counted four more lunches to give away. A few blocks later after giving away 3, Steph informed the team they were doing well and had several lunches to go. Now I taught math and am confident 4 minus 3 does not equal several. It seemed like there were extra lunches growing out of the bottom of Steph's bag. We felt like the disciples when Jesus fed the 5,000!

John missed all of the project because he had to fix a flat tire we had on the shuttle. We later realized it would open the doors to help some others we would come in contact with. But I'll let John tell that story in the blog I asked him to write tonight. But it let to a great conversation about John 3:8 and how our lifes should be getting "interrupted" if we are listening to the Spirit.

Since we finished early we gave the team some time to nap, relax, swim or just hang out. They have been going strong all week and deserved a little break. Then we surprised them with WHIRLYBALL! Imagine lacrosse plus polo plus basketball with bumber cars. That is whirlyball. It was so much fun. It was exactly what we needed as a team to re-energize for the last few days of the trip.

We came back to the hotel with all the supplies we needed to make a TON of posters and banners for the Angel's first home game tomorrow. It was awesome to see the students argue a bit over who was going to make who's sign because they have already bonded with the team. The signs look great and the Angel's aren't going to know what to do with all the enthusiasm and energy we are going to bring.

Thanks for being patient with the pictures. I'll be honest, I'm too tired to upload them tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. (Jeff needs to come back from the wedding he is shooting soon! His photography skills are much better than mine!) Thanks so much for all of your continued prayers, twitters and comments. They team appreciates it greatly.


  1. Rob always says "You want to see God?... go work with the poor and marginalized. I saw God through your post and im not even there. I literally was brought to tears as i read the blogs this morning. Your faith and commitment to show God is inspiring. Today will be so fun loving and encouraging those kids. Makes me want to be with you.
    im still praying for you.
    Ok sam and megan i really really miss you now.
    Even "Molli" the dog is begining to wonder :/
    Keep on Keepin on Guys

  2. Hey Zanie! We miss you! I am so excited to listen to all that you have experienced this week! I can't express how proud we are of you and your team. We have some good news of our own.. of God's provision.. tell you when you get home!