Monday, June 29, 2009

Finishing Strong

Hey everyone! Here we are, our last day in Chicag09. We still have much to do today to show others they matter.

We started our morning by worshipping with the amazing people at Good Seed Ministry. We spent the afternoon with them spending time together, eating pizza, throwing a few balls around, and watching Pastor Bone pitch for his baseball team. We spent the evening together as a team to celebrate Carole and Stephanie's birthday. Trace even made a guest appearance for the day and took our team pictures. All we had to do was share our Chicago pizza with him!

Today we return downtown to pray over the city. This prayer walk is a very stretching experience for many of our students. Pray for focus and endurance today. We had some left over lunch supplies so we'll be sharing some lunches with people we meet on the streets.

We will be returning to GCC at 6 PM Indiana time. After we unload and pray together one final time, students are welcome leave and start sharing their stories. Everyone is more than welcome to come to the church early and welcome back the team.

I will be blogging tonight with a recap of today. I'll also be posting more pictures and follow-up info so be sure to check back in a few days.

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  1. I so wish I was there with you. Finish strong, friends. I look forward to hearing all the stories when you get home.