Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Unexpected

Hello parents, family, friends and other Chicag09 blog followers! It's John here and I wanted to jump on the blog and share some stuff that has been happening.

I'll be the first to say that this trip has not gone as planned. Sarah shared all the stuff that happened the other day with weather changing work plans, some of the camera gear/equipment getting stolen off the shuttle, the shuttle breaking down and the list goes on. Through it all though God proved Himself faithful to take care of us all along the way proving that He will not allow us to be overwhelmed by more than we can handle.

Today, we were ready to hit the streets and feed the homeless and after finding free bus parking, I was ready to join up with the team until someone passing by pointed out the flat tire. After some phone calls to Tom Zachary at GCC (who has been helping SOOO much with the shuttle issues) and calling around the neighborhood we got the spare put on and $18 later all was well.

Now by this time the team was done and I picked them up and headed back on the Eisenhower Expy to head back to the hotel. About 10 minutes away from our hotel there was some traffic backup which ended up being a guy who had ran out of gas on his way to work and was stuck in the far left lane of expressway traffic! Already being in that lane it made sense to immediately throw on the flashers and I jumped out to see what was the problem. Sarah, Seth and I were able to stop 3 lanes of traffic and got his car pushed to the side of the road. We ended up giving him a ride to the gas station, bought him a small tank with some gas and got him back to his car and got him on his way.

One main theme we've been discussing as a team for awhile and I've had on my heart in regards to all GSM missions is the reality that God works in our planning months in advance but God also does work in the moment. Had we not had that flat, we may have never been able to see that guy on the Eisenhower. Had I not been working on the tire, I may not have had the urge to get in on serving others. God did amazing stuff today through the homeless ministry we planned months ago and God did amazing stuff through the flat tire which led to helping our friend on the freeway.

And here's the point of it all. As we finished filling the gas tank, the gentleman we were helping (i never did get his name) thanked us and said "You guys are like Jesus to me today!" and I shared with him that that was exactly what we were doing this week and it's what we're about. It's what your students are about, being Jesus to others and showing them how much they matter to God.

Be proud of your students, they are working hard, they are playing hard AND they are being attentive to what God is doing in and through them! They truly are amazing!


(PS-No, I did not let any of the students out on the freeway while we were pushing the car :) Just in case you were wondering...)


  1. we are incredibly proud of the way the team is handling God's business. Thank You all for being Jesus to so many.. not just our children!

    The Bowers' family

  2. Thank you for setting such a great example of how Jesus works in us and through us! Life does not always go as WE plan it - Thank goodness GOD has already planned everything out for us :) We must never forget that!

    In His name, Vickie Kopf

  3. Wow! I am so amazed and moved by your sensitivity to God's plan for your team. I was reading this blog entry to Hunter & Taylor and I had to stop and choke back the tears as I read about you "being Jesus" to the man on the expressway. Its so easy to want to "stick to the plan" but because you were interruptable, God used you to point someone to Himself. Amazing! Tell Meg I'm so proud and I miss her!

  4. "If the Lord delights in a man's ways, He makes his stps firm. Though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand" (Ps. 37:23,24)
    You all are doing God's work, and He is delighting in it. (Isn't it cool to realize that we can delight God? I see Him watching what all of you doing with a big grin on His face, saying "those are my kids" and giving a big thumbs up!) He has, and will continue to, "uphold you with His hand"!
    You guys ROCK!
    Praying for you.

  5. So proud of all of you. I also teared up when I read about the freeway man!! God at work. You guys rock!! Keep up the good work and stay strong! Momma Keim

  6. Hey Everyone! Sounds like you are
    all making such a huge difference in Chicago! You are roll models for us
    all! Keep up the good work and be safe! Miss and love you Sammy Petersen,
    we are so proud of you young lady!!
    Love, Rachel and Avery