Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeling Good

Today was an incredible day. If you watched our team work today you would have had no idea we faced so many challenges yesterday. I was so incredibly proud of them.

The baseball field is all grass and we needed to cut out baselines and areas for the bases. Pastor Bone rented a sod cutter and we thought it would roll the sod as well as cut it. Nope! So our students got on their hands and knees and spent the afternoon rolling sod. Our project that we estimated would take a hour or so took several hours. That meant our fun day had to be postponed. Even though our plans were drastically changed and we weren't completely prepared for it, our students kept working away without complaining. You would have thought it was our original plan all along.

We had to wait for quite some time to have someone pick up the sod so we played some baseball. These boys from the team would play 24-7 if you let them! And you'll never believe this...I hit the ball and got to pitch!!!! Some of the boys got a kick out of that. There was a ton of laughing and goofing around today. Lots of memories were built!

Unfortunately when our equipment was stolen it included Jeff's media equipment. The good news is they only got my wallet so we still have one camera. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow so you can all see the field.

I can't tell you how awesome this team is doing. Everyone is giving their all and not backing down. We are going to bed exhausted and it feels great. TTomorrow we go downtown to serve the homeless citizens of Chicago. It will be a stretching day and the team is VERY excited.

hanks so much for the prayers and comments. God is moving. All glory to him!


  1. Wow! Sounds like the team is working so hard! I'm so proud of you guys:) Have fun walking around town today! Be brave and mighty warriors for God and his Word!

    Love you, Mamma Kopf

  2. Hello all! I am so proud to hear of how you are continuing to keep a good attitude during the heat and other struggles you are facing! You are true warriors for God! Be brave! Be Bold! for the LORD your God is with you!! LOVE YOU And Miss you Zanie!!!
    The Bowers'family

  3. Glad to hear that all that softball training I gave you finally paid off. You got pretty good at hitting that bigger ball (even though not very far) and now you can hit that smaller, harder one. Daddy is so proud of his little girl, and that is in more ways than one. Love ya.

  4. I have worked with moving sod.. it is not for the faint of heart and strength. i am so proud of you. please know you are in my prayers constantly.
    Hold up the Banner high for Christ and others will have to see it's light.
    Way to go guys. i will continue to pray for endurance and great attitude.

  5. I'm so excited to hear about all that you are doing in Chicago. I still remember my first Chicago mission trip during High School.
    I'm so proud of you, guys. I know it's hot and your probably getting tired. Keep pressing on though. Attitude is contagious.
    Love you guys,
    Bridget Pitney

  6. Okayyyy so this note is for Jessica and Nathaniel...
    I'm So happy your coming home in three days! I serioulsy have no one to talk to when your both gone. Nothing exciting is happening here other than everyone dying from heat stroke, but no worries I'm sure we'll recover quite nicely. Anyway, I hope your having fun and working hard for Christ! Keep up the Good work and be safe!
    Your Favorite sister,
    Courtney :D